Natural Healing Skin Care Products - Organic Healing Skin Treatments/Breast Cancer,Eczema,Psoriasis,Healing,Fine lines,Elasticity,Collagen
Formulated for people who have undergone a Lumpectomy,Sun Damaged Skin,Aging Skin with a Loss of Elasticity,Collagen,Tone,and Moisture. Excellent for A topic Eczema and Psoriasis .Protects Skin from harmful U.V. Rays with Natural Sunscreen ingredients.
No Artificial Perfumes or Dyes
Natural Botanicals,Essential Oils,Minerals,,and Vitamins.
Soothing for Burns,wounds,stretch marks .Helps in repairing damage done by free-radicals.
A penetrating Healing Creme that has many uses.
Body Creme,Moisturizing Creme, Wrinkle Creme,Eye-make-up remover ,Hand Creme,Lip Conditioner.
Stretch Marks, Skin-tissue hardening-promoting healing on a Cellular level with Epithelial tissues aiding in Regeneration of healthy skin.
Natural Ingredients You can understand!Anti-inflammatory
Avocado oil,Baobab Oil,Carrot seed oil,Grapefruit seed oil,  Grape seed oil,Mango butter,Shea butter,Cocoa butter  Vitamins,Minerals,Omega's,Amino Acids
$30.00  2 ounce
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